Beauford Tourer (Silver) Worcester

Car Hire

Prices below are based on a 3 hour local wedding.

Weekdays £280
Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar £298
Apr, May, Oct £315
Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep £350


Beauford Tourer (Silver)

There are many vintage offerings from Worcester, but none of them are quite able to match up to the allure of the Beauford Tourer. Finished in attractive silver, the Tourer makes for a great wedding car. Its rare design is highly appreciated by all those who see it, especially when the roof is down. The foldable roof design makes it perfect for all weather kinds, as well as adds a touch of sophistication.

The 1930s appeal that it gives is something rare, and is perhaps the thing that draws all the attention. The interior is covered in soft leather, and the floor is covered in a supple red that complements the creamy leather. You will especially enjoy your photography sessions when the Beauford Tourer is a part of them.