1924 Vintage Convertible (White) Worcester

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Prices below are based on a 3 hour local wedding.

Weekdays £280
Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar £298
Apr, May, Oct £315
Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep £350


1924 Vintage Convertible (White)

Having a vintage car at your wedding is likely to attract a lot of attention. You get a lot more of it when the vintage car itself is a rare thing, unseen before, and with a more outstanding presence. The 1924 vintage convertible is a fine example of this kind of classic. Made by Le Salle/ Cadillac, and imported to hire in Worcester from a lavish private collection in South Africa, this vintage is exactly the kind you want at your wedding if you have a weakness for classic cars.

The car is large by all standards, and provides luxury in a unique package. The doors are contra opening, so easier access is granted to brides with larger dresses. You have the option of having the roof down as it has a foldable design.