Mercedes S Class LWB Silver Worcester

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Prices below are based on a 3 hour local wedding.

Weekdays £208
Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar £221
Apr, May, Oct £234
Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep £260


Mercedes S Class LWB Silver

Redefining luxury in more affordable terms, the Mercedes S Class LWB is an appealing choice for a wedding couple in Worcester looking for a second luxury car to add on their first choice, usually of a Bentley or a Phantom.

This S Class is already on its own a true testament to what luxury is all about. It spots a modern design that is well complemented by the metallic silver finish that it has. It is performance oriented, and handles very smoothly, so the journey taken with it is as smooth as it is flawless. And of course, there are all kinds of entertainment options offered. From LCD TVs built into the headrests to DVD changers and a crisp sound system, your entertainment needs are met. A Sat Nav system equipped with local maps is integrated, should you need it.