Chrysler 300 Saloon White Worcester

Car Hire

Prices below are based on a 3 hour local wedding.

Weekdays £208
Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar £221
Apr, May, Oct £234
Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep £260


Chrysler 300 Saloon White

The Chrysler 300 series has always been a desirable line for executive sized luxury cars, and now that one is in Worcester, finished in an alluring white, it’s available for wedding hire! With all the makings of a luxury car from the sheer size to the modern contemporary design, the Chrysler 300 saloon has the potential of adding that something unique to your wedding. It features a Bentley Style front grill which adds a touch of sophistication to what is already a classy design, and adds on the intensity of the statement that you make when you arrive to the venue of your wedding. It has many features some of which include:

  • 17” alloy wheels
  • An English white with cream interior
  • Satellite Navigation